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Supercharge Your Sales in Messenger with Botletter and Jumper

Botletter and Jumper now fully integrate to create the best Messenger experience for online sellers! It means you will be able to use both solutions seamlessly on your Facebook page. Also, the setup only takes a few steps 🙂 If you want to increase your sales in Messenger, keep reading 👉

What is Jumper

At Botletter, we believe that it’s the ideal time for e-commerce companies and internet marketers to experiment with social commerce and leverage on it using artificial intelligence and marketing automation. Right now, 30% of e-commerce sales across Asia start on a messaging app. It’s definitely a place where you want to sell your products.

That’s why we have decided to integrate with Jumper, a turnkey checkout solution for your business in Messenger. With this solution, your customers will be able to purchase your products directly on Facebook Messenger, without any coding.

With 5,000+ Jumper’s customers across the world, you are in good hands to start selling on Messenger!


How to set up Jumper

To add the checkout solution to Botletter, you have to create a Jumper account first.

Once you finished the onboarding, you want to connect to your Facebook page. Got to Business Settings -> Integrations -> Facebook (connect).

Once you connected Facebook, click “connect” on the Messenger integration and select your Facebook page.



Now it’s time to add the products you want to sell. Each product will be associated with a #hashtag. Go to Products > add new.

Add an image of your product by clicking the + image button. Here is the appropriate format you can use for your images.

Then, give the product a name (for e.g. “Manchester United away jersey”) and a description.

Finally, choose an appropriate hashtag that we will use later to start the sales flow (for e.g. “#manutdaway”).

That’s all, you are ready to sell on Messenger! 💪


How to use Botletter and Jumper to supercharge your sales

Now that Jumper is installed, you can easily start selling to your Botletter’s list of subscribers. To do so, go to the Integrations section and activate the Jumper integration.

Then, you will be able to add one of your Jumper’s hashtags to your text modules (in campaigns and sequence messages). For example, you can create a new campaign to sell a product. Go to the Campaigns section and click “Send New Botletter”.

Name your campaign and add the hashtag in the text module:

Once your campaign is ready, click the send button. After Botletter sends the text message with the Jumper hashtag, Jumper’s installation will automatically take over and send their sales flow in order to allow people to buy the product.


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