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How to Easily Collect Emails from Every New Botletter Subscriber

You can really easily get your subscribers’ email address with Botletter. All you have to do is to ask it right after they subscribe. How? Here are the steps to follow.

1/ Create a new sequence message

In order to collect emails from new subscribers, you want to send them a message right after their subscription. To do that, Botletter have created a “Sequence” feature. Go to the Sequence section and click on “+ Add message”.

We want to send this message right after people subscribe. You can set the sending time to 0 minute to be sent right after!

2/ Ask your subscriber’s email address using Mailchimp, Mailjet etc.

Fill the message input with the question asking the email address. For example: “Thanks for subscribing to our botletter! Do you also want to get updates by email? If so, just fill out this form and you are good to go!”.

Then, add a URL button using the link of the form from your email newsletter solution (Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc.).

Click “save” and voilà! Now, every new subscriber will receive a message prompting them to give their email address.

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