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Getting Started with Botletter

Welcome to Botletter

Botletter allows any organization to send newsletters or updates on Facebook Messenger to an unlimited number of people. It’s a similar service as Mailchimp, but instead of using emails we use Facebook Messenger.

Without any coding, you can connect our technology to your Facebook Page. Then people can subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter right through the Messenger chat. You will be able to send them messages with rich cards attached whenever you want.

Connect your Page

After signing up to Botletter, the first thing you have to do is to connect a Facebook page to our service. To be able to connect a page to Botletter, you need to comply with the following requirements, however the page will not appear in the list:

  • To administrate the page you want to use (have the full rights over it)
  • Your page should be published (not in test mode)
  • We do not guarantee the compatibility of Botletter with other chatbots connected to your page

After connecting your page, a “Get Started” button and a menu will be added into your Page’s Messenger chat. This will allow people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger Newsletter.

Botletter Get Started

Botletter Get Started Button

The Messenger menu allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe


When people click on the “Get Started” button, they will receive a greeting message asking them to subscribe (or not) to your Facebook Messenger Newsletter. You can configure your greeting message as well as the messages we send when people decide to subscribe or not here (“Edit your greeting messages” button).

Botletter Flow

Botletter’s opt-in within Messenger

Subscribe to your Facebook Messenger Newsletter

To be able to send messages, you want to subscribe to your own Facebook Messenger Newsletter in order to receive your campaigns. In your dashboard, we provide a generic link allowing people to subscribe.

All you have to do is to visit your dashboard and click on your Botletter link. It will open your Page’s Messenger chat and you will receive the greeting message you configured earlier. After subscribing, you will be added to your subscribers list.

Send your First Campaign

After subscribing to your own Facebook Messenger newsletter, it’s now time to send your first campaign. Sending a campaign is really easy. First, you have to name it and decide when you want to send it.

Then you fill a form with the content of your campaign. You have to write a text message that can contain links, emojis, and name variables. This message is followed by up to ten rich cards containing an image, a title, a subtitle and a URL button.

Once you have created your content, hit the “send” button and the campaign will be sent to your recipients.

Analyze your Data

At Botletter, we want you to be able to measure precisely the impact of your campaigns on your business. That’s why for each campaign, you will be able to see who read your message and clicked on the links. We also automatically add UTM parameters in order to help you track the traffic coming from Botletter.

You have access to an analytics dashboard to see your performance over time.

Best Practice

Keep your message short. Facebook Messenger newsletters are different than email ones. We advise you to keep it short. Usually, two to three sentences are enough.

Be personal. You can use name variables to engage better with your subscribers. Try to use a friendly tone to create a close relationship with them.

Be regular. We have seen better engagement if you send your campaigns on a regular basis (every day or every week for example). Time also matters, it’s better if you always send your messages at the same time.

Share your Facebook events. A great way to get people to your events is to share the Facebook event in a Botletter card. Doing so, people can directly register for the event.

Incite people to invite their friend to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter. You can add your Botletter link to a card button. That way people will be able to directly share this card with your Facebook friends. A good way to quickly get new subscribers!

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  1. Are there placeholders like in regular autoresponder apps? Eg. {firstname} {surname}, etc. If so, how does that work here in Botletter?