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How to Grow Your Facebook Messenger Newsletter List

According to Hubspot, your email marketing database decreases by about 22.5% every year. People get new jobs and forget about their former corporate email, decide to opt-out because they receive too many emails or simply abandon their old email address and switch to a brand new Gmail one.

The good news is, with Messenger, people usually keep their account active and don’t change it! Your Messenger Subscribers are here to stay, so why don’t you put your effort towards building your Facebook Messenger subscribers’ list? With the following tips, every marketer should be able to get a constant flow of new subscribers to quickly reach a few thousand Messenger contacts.

As an example, these tips helped one of our pages getting 25K subscribers in only one month! It continues growing by an average of 4,000 subscribers per week.


Message the People Who Currently Have an Open Conversation with Your Facebook Page

Facebook has a new feature allowing you to send your Facebook Newsletter opt-in to every person who currently has an open conversation with your page. This is a powerful tool to get you started!

Sending the opt-in is dead easy. Visit our “Growth Tools” section and activate the feature. Review & edit your opt-in message and send it. Be careful, if you already sent campaigns to subscribers, those subscribers will also receive the opt-in… I would advise you to use this feature only if you start growing your newsletter list.

Send an Invitation to Your Email List

You probably already built an email list for your business. Maybe they would rather receive your messages in Messenger instead of email.

One quick action to start growing your Botletter subscriber list is to share the generic link we provide with a short email invitation. You can get your Generic Link in the Botletter dashboard:

botletter dashboard link

Visit your Dashboard to find your generic link

Here is a copy of an email one of our clients sent to their newsletter list:

Hi {{first_name}},

We offer the possibility to get exclusive updates about {{company_name}} directly on Messenger! We will only send you the best content from our blog and exclusive features announcements.

If you had liked to jump in, you can subscribe here.

Have a good one!


Ps. we will keep sending this newsletter if you prefer emails over Messenger.


Add an Opt-In at the End of Your Email Newsletter

Are you sending newsletters on a regular basis? You can take advantage of this audience and exposure.

Some of our clients have been adding visual CTAs at the end of every newsletter they send, in order to convert readers to their new Messenger channel.

Just create a colorful button with your opt-in link and append it to the end of your newsletter:

This is also a good way to acquire new subscribers in case your subscribers forward the email to their friends or colleagues.


Update Your Email Signature

Your company employees and founders probably send dozens of emails every day. Why not leverage this channel to acquire subscribers for your Facebook Messenger newsletter?

Even if you’re a solo-founder, using your email signature can definitely boost your subscriber acquisition. All you have to do is add a call-to-action to your signature. A really quick and efficient way to grow faster your list!

Here is an example we use at Botletter:

example signature

It’s that simple! Here are the few steps in order to customize your email signature with Gmail:

First, visit the settings tab.

Then, scroll down to the signature section and write the message with a CTA linking to the Botletter generic link.


Pro tip: if you want to measure how effective this CTA is, you can use a URL shortening service like Also, if you want to retarget all people clicking on this link (even if they don’t subscribe in the end), check out PixelMe.


Email Your LinkedIn Contacts

Here is a great tip we found on the Sumo blog in order to capture your LinkedIn contacts’ emails:

To export LinkedIn connections:

  1. Head to the LinkedIn site on your computer (this doesn’t work on mobile)
  2. Click the ‘My Network’ icon in the main nav
  3. Click ‘Your connections’ on the left of your screen
  4. Then in the top right of the next screen click ‘Manage synced and imported contacts’
  5. Under ‘Advanced options’ click the ‘Export Contacts’ link
  6. Request a ‘Fast file’ this will be emailed to you within 10 minutes
  7. From the file, you will be able to see the email addresses of all your LinkedIn contacts

Then, you can import this email list into your emailing solution and send a dedicated campaign inviting them to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter.


Share Several Posts on Social Media

This one seems trivial but we tend to forget the basics: share your Botletter link on every Social Media channel that your business uses. According to Buffer, reposting the same post several times on Social Media helps you get more traffic and more conversions. By doing so, you can reach multiple time zones and new followers.

Scheduling tools like Buffer allow you to invite your followers to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger list. Here is a pre-filled tweet from our Growth Tools:

Pro tip: If you want to make your post visual and customize the preview generated by Facebook and Twitter, you can use ShareKit. No more ugly preview of the Messenger link!


Add a Call-To-Action Button to the Top of Your Facebook Page

Facebook introduced many ways to customize your Facebook page. One of them is to add a call-to-action at the top right of the page. The idea is to make people message you through Messenger. They will automatically receive the Botletter opt-in to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter.

First, go visit your page and hover the button to edit it.

Then, you have several options available. Select the “Contact You” option and pick the one you prefer.

Now, every visitor clicking on that button will receive the Botletter opt-in and be able to subscribe to your list!


Share Your Promotional Posts into Relevant Facebook Groups

We know Facebook intentionally decreases the reach of your posts. However, there are dozens of groups interested in your industry and content. After publishing a Facebook post to invite people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter, share it in those groups!

Doing so, you will easily increase your reach to a few dozen people, all for free! However, don’t be spammy as this will likely get you banned by group moderators. Explain the value people in those groups will get from your newsletter and do not hesitate to contact the admins before publishing.


Acquire New Subscribers with Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook ads can significantly boost your subscriber growth. Facebook now allows you to create Messenger ads and directly send the opt-in to a targeted audience. You can do it by following this steps:

1/ Choose “Messages” as objective

2/ Choose “Click to Messenger” for your ad type


3/ In the “Ad Setup” section, click on “Set Up messages”. Facebook requires you to send a message as first interaction. Here, you want to recreate the Botletter opt-in and send the correct postback in order to allow us to save your subscriber.

4/ Enter the text asking the user if he wants to subscribe. Then, select “buttons” in the Customer Action section and set the Action to “Send a postback”. Enter for “Bot payload” the following: SUB_YES_PAYLOAD.

Then, people who click on your Messenger advertisement will receive the opt-in and be able to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter.


Submit Your Facebook Page to the Facebook Discover Tab

The Discover Tab was announced in June 2017. It features the best pages using a chatbot. Given that your Facebook Messenger newsletter relies on a chatbot, it makes your page eligible to be displayed in the Messenger Discover Tab.

This tool can be really effective and take little time to set up: one of our clients got 25,000 new subscribers from the Facebook Discover Tab, in only one month!

Here is how you can submit your page to the Discover Tab:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your page
  2. Click Messenger Platform in the left column
  3. Scroll down to the Discover settings section
  4. Click on Set up and fill out the form according to your business and submit it.

Now, if some people subscribe and interact with your page, you will likely be featured and get some subscribers from the Discover Tab.


Ask Your Subscribers to Invite Their Friends to Subscribe

People are usually willing to help, all you have to do is ask! Facebook Messenger newsletters can easily go viral with the “share” button added to the carousel template.

In order to ask your subscribers to invite their Facebook friends to subscribe, follow these steps:

1/ Create a new campaign

2/ Add an image and the text to invite people

3/ Add your opt-in link to the Card button and activate the Share button

Then, when people will click on the “Share” button, they will be able to forward your card to their Facebook friends really easily.


Add a Call-To-Action to Your Website

We strongly recommend you to add a call-to-action in a visible part of your website. If you don’t want to use our plugins, we wrote about how to easily add a CTA to your website with Sumo.

In the Growth Tools section, you can activate the button plugin and easily integrate it into your website.

Then, when people click on the CTA, they will automatically receive the opt-in in their Messenger.


Add a Checkbox Opt-In to Your Website

Similar to the “Send to Messenger” button, the checkbox opt-in integrates into your existing forms. When someone validates the checkbox button or submit your form, he will automatically receive your opt-in.

In order to add the checkbox plugin to your website, visit the Growth Tools section and activate it. You will be able to customize the size of the checkbox and add a button if you’d like.

Here is an example of how to implement this for WordPress users. With the Independent Publisher theme, we just added the following code to our functions.php. You can do the same using your own checkbox plugin code, in order to add it at the end of all your articles (see an example at the end of this article):

function after_post_botletter($content){
 if (is_single()) {
 // replace the string by the code we provide in the Growth Tools section
 $content .= '<div id="botletter-checkbox-container"></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>';
 return $content;
add_filter( "the_content", "after_post_botletter" );


Create a Content Upgrade

Creating content upgrades can be an effective way to incentivize people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter. A content upgrade is just some extra information that you unlock for people who accept to subscribe to your newsletter.

How can you do that? The first step is to select your top-performing blog post. Jump into your Google Analytics dashboard and find which article is attracting the largest amount of people.

Then, spend some time creating content related to this particular blog post. Once you’re done, add a checkbox plugin at the end of this blog post and explain in the label that they will receive extra information if they subscribe.

The last step is to visit the Sequence section in Botletter and configure a message sent right after subscription (“0” in the time field). Add a button to your message that links to where the content upgrade belongs.

content upgrade

Now, every people subscribing to your Facebook Messenger newsletter will receive your content upgrade!

-> more information about the Sequence feature


Publish a Case Study

Similar to the content upgrade strategy, you can go a one step further and create a full case study. Creating a case study will help you show off your expertise in your industry and is a good incentive to make people subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter.

Here are few examples of great case studies:

  • Jason Zook’s case study on getting out of debt[link]
  • Chris Guillebeau’s travel hacking case study[link]
  • Tim Ferriss’ case study on how UFC fighters cut weight[link]


Leverage your company’s profiles

Last but not least, companies tend to create tons of profiles over the web. It’s a great way to get few good backlinks to improve your SEO.

Those profiles can get few hundreds of visitors per month. Why not take advantage of those pages to promote your Facebook Messenger newsletter?

Just add your generic link at the end of the description of your company and you are good to go!



I hope these tips will help you attract a lot of subscribers. You can sign up to Botletter here and start growing your list. If you have additional tips, feel free to share them in comments.


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