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Invite Team Members to Manage your Botletter Account

Some of our users work with a large team. They wanted to be able to invite people to manage their pages using Botletter. It was also important for agencies using Botletter for many clients.

Thus, starting from today, it’s now possible to invite co-workers to manage one (or more) of your pages using Botletter! 


How to invite someone to collaborate on my Botletter account?

Inviting someone to manage one of your pages is really easy. Visit the settings tab, select the page you want to use and click on “Invite team members” in the “Edit your botletter configuration” section.

Then, enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. They will receive an email with a special link allowing them to create an account linked to your page. This link will expire after 24H for security reasons. At any time you can remove one of your team members. They will instantly lose their management rights over your page.


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