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Segment your subscribers list to better engage your different audiences

Every modern marketing solution comes with a segmentation feature to better engage your different audiences. At Botletter, we thrive to build the most efficient segmentation feature to allow our users get better results for their campaigns.

Here is an article describing how our segmentation feature works and how you can use it to personalize the content you send to each segment.

How Botletter’s segmentation feature works

segment dashboard

How to create a segment:

  1. Visit the Subscribers section and click the “segment” button
  2. Click the “+ new segment” button. Note that per default a “test” segment is created. It is used to send you test campaigns (it can’t be removed)
  3. Name your segment

new segment

The newly created segment will give you a unique link in the segment section. Every people clicking on that link and subscribing will be automatically added to the associated segment.

Personalize the opt-in (not mandatory): if you want to send a different opt-in message, you can personalize it as you like.

Propose the segment after subscription: in order to allow your new subscribers to pick some interests, you can allow segments to be proposed in a carousel of choices right after subscription:

  1. Tick “propose this segment after subscription”

2. Toggle on “Activate Segment opt-in after subscription” in the segment section

Manually add/remove a subscriber to a segment: in the Subscribers section, click on the details of a subscriber in order to be able to add or remove a segment she/he is associated with.


What can you achieve by segmenting your list?

Segmenting your list can help you add information about your Botletter subscribers, differentiate their interests or improve the efficiency of your marketing automation campaigns.

Segment your audience by using your own information

First, you can have a segmented email list of different Facebook groups segmented by interests or localization. In that case, you can use that extra information to segment your subscribers at the time they subscribe in Messenger.

How to do that? That’s pretty simple:

  1. Create a segment
  2. Share your segment unique URL to your segmented audience: every people subscribing using this link will be added to your segment.

For example, you can contact your different email segments in order to invite them to subscribe in Messenger and reproduce this segmentation in Botletter.

Same applies to Facebook groups. Just share your segment link in the appropriate group and you will know that every subscriber in this segment will come from this particular group.

Let your new subscribers show their interests

Another way to take advantage of the segmentation feature is to use it to capture your subscribers’ interests. Let say you want to promote your blog’s content. The blog has 5 different categories.
You could create one segment for each category and then activate the automatic carousel opt-in after subscription in order to let your new subscribers choose which category they are interested in.

Tip: Do not forget to add images to your segments’ opt-in. This will create a better experience for your new subscribers.

Use segments to supercharge your marketing automation

Marketing automation can be really efficient to convert leads if it’s targeted to a special audience. Running a specific marketing automation strategy for each audience will allow you to get way better results than doing a generic one for everyone.

By using our segmentation feature and Sequence messages, you can easily create highly targeted campaigns.

How to configure a different drip campaign for each segment

With Botletter, you can create a specific drip campaign for a segment:

  1. Create a segment
  2. Visit the Sequences section, a new table for your segment should appear
  3. Add your sequence messages

Tip: people subscribing to different segments will receive all configured segment drip campaigns. In case you allow your subscribers to subscribe to multiple segments through the carousel opt-in, be wise not to overlap the messages.



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