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Create a Sequence of Messages for New Subscribers

When some people subscribe to your Botletter list, you want to be able to onboard them with a series of automated messages. That’s why we created a “Sequence” feature!

With this new feature, configure messages just like when you send a new campaign and choose when you want to send them to a new subscriber. In your Sequence Dashboard, we provide the open rate, click through rate and the number of messages sent for every Sequence message.

If you want to deactivate one of those messages, just click on the toggle button and you are good to go! You can also edit your Sequence messages at any time.

Common use cases with Sequence


One really useful way to leverage the Sequence feature is to use it to onboard people. Users often miss the tutorials you created and saturate your Customer Support team. With your Botletter Sequence, you can, for example, send a “Getting Started” guide one hour after someone subscribes, a video tutorial about one of your main feature 2 days later and an advanced guide after two weeks.

This way, you will be able to increase your activation and retention rates really easily.

Marketing Automation

Another use case is marketing automation. Let’s say you are targeting Social Media managers and want to convert them to your Social Media tool. You can send meaningful content from your blog on a regular basis. After few messages sent, invite them to discover your tool or upgrade to the premium version.

Doing Marketing Automation with Botletter Sequence is a great way to convert better your prospects.

Send one message after subscription to break ice

If you don’t send campaigns on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to send to every new subscriber an example of the content you will send. I would also advise you to use this message to explain better what they will get from their subscription.

The Sequence feature is also a good way to leverage incentives to convince people to subscribe to your botletter list. Let’s say you want to give away a complete guide for free if someone subscribes. Then, all you have to do is to configure a Sequence message sent right after the subscription, giving access to this guide.


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